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Homedics UV CLEAN Portable Sanitizer Bag. Ultra-fast, superior strength and chemical free (Grey)

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  • Portable Protection: Keep your essential items clean and sanitized at home or on the go with powerful UV-C LED technology; keep in your purse, backpack, suitcase, gym bag, car, diaper bag and more to reduce bacteria and viruses* at the DNA level 10x faster than any other sanitizer
  • Full Coverage: Interchangeable phone and platform clips keep items in place to ensure optimal UV exposure and maximum coverage; 4 UV-C germicidal LEDs completely surround your belongings for optimal sanitizing
  • Safe Sanitizing: Free of mercury and chemicals with an advanced safety lock to prevent UV exposure; sanitize* both sides of your item in just 1 minute with rechargeable LEDs; provides 18 cycles per charge; safe to use around children and pets
  • Multiuse Functionality: Designed to fit a variety of items such as keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, remotes, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and more; use in your home, office, car or while traveling
  • What's in the Box: (1) HoMedics UV CLEAN Portable Sanitizer Bag, (2) Attachments
  • What can I sanitize?*

    Anything that fits! Most smartphones, keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, TV remotes, earbuds—you name it, you can sanitize* it. Just make sure your items don’t touch or overlap for direct exposure.

    How does it work?

    4 powerful UV-C LEDs emit a short wavelength light that’s invisible to the human eye. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* by disrupting their DNA so they can’t function or reproduce.

    How long does it take?

    Just 1 minute—10x faster than other sanitizers on the market! The phone and platform clips make sure your items get hit with UV-C light from every angle for maximum exposure in a single cycle.

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